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The man stood confidently, shoulders back, his green eyes sweeping the room without a hint of hesitation or self-consciousness.

LTC Wald let the packed auditorium quiet down, pausing for dramatic effect, before his deep voice cut through the room commanding everybodys full attention.

LTC Wald stated nonchalantly, his oval face giving no sign of what he wanted to tell CPT Kern. As he approached the door, his nerves tingled with both excitement and fear. One last idea shot into CPT Kerns head like a bullet. LTC Wald shot a stern glance at Major Maddison while saying, Thats enough Brian, calm down.

CPT Kern took a second to soak in the man he had been avoiding all night. He was neither skinny nor muscled but his body still gave off an aura of strength, athleticism, masculinity and virility. He had no idea why he was scared considering this was a military building on a military installation. At the door, he opened and closed the door loudly but didnt actually leave. He was certain that he was only chasing one person. Methodically, he crept towards the direction of the whispering voices. Major Maddison shot an angry look back at the Marc but didnt say anything more. LTC Wald looked at CPT Kern intently and said, So what if I told you we were fooling around?

CPT Kern spun around from the snack table only to have LTC Wald standing right behind him. LTC Wald bellowed, Glad you could make todays event.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to meet some of your peers and the other senior leaders in our field from across the region.

As LTC Marc Wald took the stage, CPT Robert Kerns cock twitched forcefully as his face flushed red with simultaneous feelings of excitement and embarrassment.

The outrageous thought both terrified and aroused him. After toiling away for an hour or so, CPT Kern uprooted himself from his desk with every intent of getting home as quickly as possible.CPT Kern couldnt believe he was lucky enough to have this man as his mentor.Twice selected below the zone for promotion and with a successful stint at the Ranger Regiment under his belt, LTC Wald was considered a fast-mover.With his own career ambitions in mind and wary of chasing off a valuable mentor, CPT Kern knew how cautious he had to be with how he felt.The clapping of the room brought CPT Kern back into focus.

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